- B2B Marketplace for Pharma Sector simplifies your pharmacy experience. It's a one-stop app that connects you directly to local pharmacies, making it easy to find medications, manage prescriptions, and choose between delivery or pickup options. With exclusive deals and a user-friendly design, we ensure managing your health is hassle-free and rewarding. In short, we bring the pharmacy to you, saving your time and enhancing your health management.



To become the premier B2B marketplace, transforming the pharmaceutical supply chain by seamlessly connecting stockists, retailers, and manufacturers. aspires to be the backbone of the healthcare industry, facilitating efficient, transparent, and reliable transactions across the supply chain, ensuring that every participant, from large manufacturers to local retailers, has access to a vast network of opportunities, resources, and insights to thrive in the ever-evolving market.


Our mission is to streamline the pharmaceutical supply chain by providing a robust B2B platform that connects stockists, retailers, and manufacturers. is dedicated to enhancing operational efficiencies, reducing procurement costs, and enabling faster, smarter decision-making processes. By leveraging technology, we aim to create a cohesive ecosystem where every link in the supply chain, from production to point-of-sale, is strengthened, ensuring the availability of medicines and healthcare products to meet the demands of communities globally.

B2B Marketplace is transforming the pharma industry into a clear and easy-to-use online market for pharmacies and distributors. It simplifies buying and selling medicine supplies, offering up-to-date product information and fair pricing. This not only builds trust but also encourages better buying choices, making the market competitive and beneficial for everyone involved. By digitizing B2B sales, it creates a space where distributors and pharmacies can grow their business together effectively.

Seamless Experience streamlines the pharmaceutical trade, making it easy for pharmacies and distributors to interact. It uses advanced technology for a user-friendly platform, improving efficiency and reducing mistakes.

SaaS Software is a SaaS platform in the healthcare sector, employing AI and Machine Learning to optimize pharmacy and distributor interactions. These technologies enable predictive analytics, streamlined inventory management, and personalized service, enhancing operational efficiency. This approach not only simplifies procurement processes but also ensures that stakeholders have the tools to provide better healthcare services, making a leader in digital health solutions.

GEO Location Search leverages GEO location technology to provide results based on the user's specific location. This feature enables pharmacies and distributors to find each other more efficiently, ensuring that the supply chain is optimized for local demand. By incorporating geolocation, Medicostores enhances the relevance and speed of service delivery, making it easier for users to connect with nearby suppliers, reducing lead times, and improving the overall procurement process.

Market Intelligence utilizes market intelligence to analyze trends, demand, and competition within the pharmaceutical sector. This insight helps in crafting strategies that align with market needs, ensuring pharmacies and distributors get the most relevant and up-to-date information. By leveraging data analytics, Medicostores can predict market shifts, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. This strategic approach empowers the platform to offer tailored solutions, fostering growth and sustainability in the healthcare market.

Custom Promotions

On, stockists can create custom promotions targeted at specific user groups, enhancing sales potential. This feature allows for personalized marketing, enabling stockists to offer deals directly to pharmacies, thus driving demand and increasing purchase rates. It's a strategic tool that not only boosts sales but also strengthens relationships between stockists and their customers by providing value added offers tailored to their needs.

UPI /Memo 2 Payment Service

Medicostores is advancing the pharmaceutical sector with UPI payments, ensuring fast and secure cashless transactions. Stockists can generate dynamic QR codes with fixed amounts for retailers, simplifying the payment process and ensuring precise, hassle-free financial exchanges. This system not only streamlines financial operations but also supports the digitalization trend in India's financial landscape, making Medicostores a key player in modernizing pharmaceutical transactions.

ADS & Offers provides a platform for displaying ads and special offers, enabling stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry to reach their target audience effectively. Through this feature, stockists and pharmacies can promote their products, announce new arrivals, or highlight discounts, thereby increasing visibility and driving sales. This advertising capability enriches the user experience, offering value-added services and fostering a dynamic marketplace environment.

Delivery As Service

Medicostores is enhancing its offerings with Medico Delivery, a specialized service crafted for stockists and retailers. This initiative aims to streamline the distribution of medical supplies and pharmaceutical products, ensuring fast and efficient deliveries directly from stockists to retailers or end consumers. Medico Delivery encompasses a suite of features designed to optimize logistics, including flexible delivery options like same-day and next-day service, real time tracking for shipment transparency, cost-effective solutions to reduce transportation costs, and seamless integration with Medicostores platforms for improved operational efficiency and user experience.