Medico LocalApp: Your Health, Your Pharmacy, just one click away 

Medico LocalApp simplifies your pharmacy experience. It's a one-stop app that connects you directly to local pharmacies, making it easy to find medications, manage prescriptions, and choose between delivery or pickup options. With exclusive deals and a user-friendly design, we ensure managing your health is hassle-free and rewarding. In short, we bring the pharmacy to you, saving your time and enhancing your health management



To be the most trusted B2C marketplace that connects customers with local pharmacies, providing a personalized, convenient, and comprehensive digital healthcare experience. MedicoLocalApp envisions a world where access to healthcare and wellness products is effortless, empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being with confidence and ease.


Our mission is to revolutionize the pharmacy experience for consumers by offering a user-friendly, reliable, and transparent B2C platform. MedicoLocalApp aims to facilitate direct connections between customers and local pharmacies, enabling easy access to medications, health products, and expert advice. By prioritizing customer convenience, privacy, and satisfaction, we strive to build a community where health and wellness are accessible to everyone, enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families.


Get started swiftly with just your mobile number; a simple OTP login secures your access. Browse and select from a wide range of local pharmacies, connecting with your chosen one instantly. Enjoy the convenience of a personalized health and wellness dashboard tailored to your needs.

Search Products: - Quickly Find Medications

Effortlessly search for a wide range of medicines and salt combinations including FMCG Products using our search interface. Directly send your shopping list to your pharmacy to prevent miscommunication. Access detailed product information, including prices and user reviews, all in one place.

Prescription: Secure and Easy Uploads

Our app prioritizes your privacy by offering secure features for uploading prescriptions. Your health data is protected, ensuring only you and your chosen pharmacy have access. Pharmacists promptly review and prepare your medications, demonstrating a commitment to your time and health needs. Plus, you can easily access and review your uploaded prescriptions anytime, providing convenience and peace of mind in managing your healthcare.

Delivery and Pickup Options

Choose the convenience of scheduling deliveries for times that suit you or select the immediacy of same-day pickup. Our app offers flexible options to fit your lifestyle, ensuring you get your medications when and how you need them. Stay informed with real time notifications that update you on the status of your order, from preparation to dispatch. Our click-and-collect service enhances this flexibility, allowing you to order online and pick up your items in-store at your convenience. This system not only saves time but also adds a layer of flexibility, ensuring that managing your medication needs is hassle-free and aligned with your schedule.

Offers and Promotions

With Medico LocalApp, tap into a world of offers and promotions from a diverse array of local pharmacies. Enjoy exclusive access to enticing deals on various products, tailor-made to enhance your pharmacy experience. Our platform aggregates the best offers available, ensuring you receive top value on your healthcare purchases. Whether it’s seasonal discounts, loyalty rewards, or special promotions, Medico LocalApp is your gateway to cost-effective health management, bringing a multitude of savings directly to your fingertips. Experience the joy of smart shopping within your trusted pharmacy network, all through a single, convenient app.