Medico ERP

Medico ERP is engineered to serve the entire pharmaceutical sector, including retailers and stockists, by revolutionizing their operational, inventory, and financial management processes. This platform stands out by integrating advanced inventory management with detailed analytics for stock items, enhancing decision-making with comprehensive purchase and sales reports, P&L statements, and accurate journals and ledgers for financial tracking. Its sophisticated analytical tools highlight fast and slow-moving items, guiding strategic decisions to optimize inventory and boost sales. Medico ERP is an indispensable asset, designed to elevate productivity, streamline operations, and significantly improve profitability for its users.


Purchases feature allows for meticulous management of stock procurement, complete with supplier details, GSTIN, PAN, and contact information, ensuring seamless order placement and tracking.

Purchase Returns The ERP offers a straightforward interface to manage and record returns, with options to input detailed information such as the reason for return and quantities, streamlining the reversal of transactions.

The Purchase Reports section provides a snapshot of purchasing activities with filters for financial years and months. It shows comprehensive details like the total number of invoices, purchase amounts, and taxes, offering vital insights into the purchasing trends and supplier performance.

In sum, these functionalities within the Medico ERP offer robust tools for managing purchases, returns, and reporting, crucial for maintaining efficient operations and inventory in the pharmaceutical sector.


Sales: The 'Add Sale' function allows for detailed recording of transactions, including product information, batch numbers, expiration dates, and quantity. It calculates taxes and offers the ability to apply discounts and custom charges, ensuring that each sale is accurately recorded and reconciled.

Sales Return: The 'Add Sale Returns' feature captures details of returned products, allowing for updates to inventory and adjustments to financial records. It helps in maintaining accurate sales data and provides insights for potential improvements in sales strategies.

Sales Reports: With the 'Sales by Batch' report, businesses can track sales for specific batches of products. It provides a clear view of sales volume, number of customers, and revenue generated, aiding in stock management and identifying sales patterns.

These functionalities of Medico ERP streamline the end-to-end sales cycle, from initiating sales to processing returns, while providing comprehensive sales data for strategic decision-making.

Fast, Slow and Expiry Products:

Fast Moving Stock Items: This feature helps you identify and manage products that are quickly sold, ensuring that bestsellers are always in stock. It calculates the shortage percentage to prompt timely reordering, thus avoiding stockouts and lost sales.

Expiry Stock Management: It tracks the shelf life of products, alerting you to items approaching their expiry date. This is crucial for reducing waste and ensuring customer safety by preventing the sale of outdated products.

Slow Moving Stock Items: By identifying items that are not selling as quickly, this function enables you to take strategic actions, such as discounts or promotions, to move inventory and maintain a healthy stock turnover.

These tools collectively help maintain an efficient, cost-effective inventory system by balancing stock levels, which is vital for optimizing operations and profitability in the pharmaceutical sector.

Ledgers, Journals, P&L, Balance Sheets:

Medico ERP caters to the intricate needs of financial management in the pharmaceutical sector with features like:

Ledgers: The ledger in Medico ERP is a comprehensive record that keeps track of all financial transactions. It classifies transactions by type and account, enabling seamless financial tracking and accountability.

Journals: This feature serves as the initial point of entry for all transactions within the ERP system. It provides a chronological record of all financial events, which can then be categorized and analyzed.

Profit & Loss Statements: The P&L feature offers a clear depiction of the company's revenues, costs, and expenses over a specific period. This is pivotal for stakeholders to gauge the company’s financial performance and profitability.

Balance Sheets: Medico ERP's balance sheet function showcases the financial position at a particular point in time, detailing assets, liabilities, and equity to provide a snapshot of financial stability and operational efficiency.

These features are crucial for maintaining rigorous financial control and ensuring transparency and compliance within the pharmaceutical business environment.