Medico Delivery

MedicoStores streamlines pharmaceutical logistics with four dedicated time slots each day, ensuring timely collections and deliveries from STOCKIST to RETAILER. This systematic approach allows for efficient market coverage, enabling MedicoStores to fulfill orders promptly within each operational market. The slots are strategically placed to accommodate peak business hours, ensuring that both urgent and routine deliveries are handled with the utmost efficiency. This scheduling enhances the delivery process, meeting the dynamic needs of the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring that every stakeholder, from supplier to customer, receives exceptional service.



The dashboard of the Medico Delivery app offers a comprehensive overview of daily logistics activities. It displays available collections and scheduled pickups, giving a snapshot of the day's workload. With a clear count of total and offline pickups, the dashboard allows for efficient route planning and prioritization of deliveries, ensuring timely distribution to various locations. The user-friendly interface is designed to streamline operations and provide real time updates to the delivery personnel. This efficiency is key to maintaining Medicostores' commitment to rapid and reliable pharmaceutical delivery services.


The 'Collections' feature in the Medico Delivery app organizes the day's pickups from various stockists, showcasing details like the number of parcels and the distance to the pickup location. 'Live Tracking' provides real time updates on the collections, enabling efficient logistics management. This function is designed to assist delivery personnel in prioritizing their pickups and ensuring timely collection of medical supplies for distribution.


MedicoStores makes sure your medicines reach you safely and quickly. When your order's on the way, they let you keep an eye on it with live updates. And don’t worry, it’s super secure—when your package gets to you, there’s a special PIN you'll need to enter. It's like a secret handshake to make sure the delivery is safe and sound


MedicoStores’ delivery process is meticulously crafted to cater to the precise needs of both B2B and B2C stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain. With a structured schedule that includes four time slots daily, MedicoStores ensures pickups and deliveries from STOCKIST to RETAILER are managed efficiently. This schedule accommodates peak business activities, ensuring that orders are not only picked up but also delivered within two hours, thus upholding the promise of rapid service delivery. The app's design allows for live updates and tracking, direct communication for any on-route adjustments, and a feedback loop post delivery to maintain service quality. This systematic approach underlines MedicoStores' dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.