Social Commerce Platform for Pharma Ecosystem

The first ever concept of digitalizing and connecting the pharmaceutical ecosystem pivoted on trust based network. Enabling all the partners to grow, expand and digitize their business in the mammoth universe of offline pharmaceutical market.

About Us was founded mainly to address pharmaceutical industry distribution challenges. When we started our journey, this sector was unorganized and it was difficult to track, coordinate and predict delivery of medicines and their timeline.

We're all about bringing the pharmaceutical industry together and improving the delivery channel process by adding digital cloud based platform to the journey. Our main aim is to address those tough supply chain challenges and ensure the entire workflow from distributor/dealer to retailer is seamless. We're all about teamwork, connecting manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, stockists, and end customers to ensure smooth operations. You'll constantly notice our dedication to how we maintain open lines of communication, from order to inventory, transparent pricing, real time stock availability, memos, UPI payments for both B2B and B2C journeys. With our innovative cloud-based platform, we offer solutions for multiple agencies like distributors, dealers, retailers, hospitals, pharmacies including end customers. Join us as we revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and pave the way for digital revolution in this space.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive towards digital supply chain visibility in the pharmaceutical sector. We believe that prioritizing digitalization is essential for improving strategies in quality tracking and enabling access to every channel involved in the pharmaceutical industry's supply chain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build state of the art cloud platform enabling digitisation of supply chain process involving manufacturers, distributors, stockiest, hospitals, and consumers.We take care of order to inventory journey from procurement to final delivery.